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Feel Safe In Your Body:  A  Somatic  Reawakening

An 8-Week Course Intensive

The first step that is often missed in trauma recovery is updating our hardware. Like computers, our hardware is our body and our software is our thinking mind.  Trauma changes the way our bodies and brains work.  We must learn to imprint our bodies with the right neurophysiologic patterns that coincide with the future we are creating for ourselves In order to evolve out of the limited thinking and behavior, we are using now that is the result for everyone who has unresolved trauma.    It’s not our fault and we can change it!    When we utilize new tools we create different and better outcomes in our lives.  We do this by accessing what trauma has separated us from …. Our inner-intelligence, what we were born with as mammals that has been perfecting itself for millions of years way before the first spoken word. 


In order to do that we need to call upon what Deepak Chopra  M.D. calls our Inner-Know-How. 95% of our brain is used for this Inner-Know-How, 5% of our brain is used for our thinking. When we reconnect to our Inner-Know-How and integrate that with thought then we can create unlimited healing and evolvement for ourselves and our families. 


This is a pleasurable and reconnective recovery experience, I know it was for me.  Wait no longer, relief is just around the corner. 

Each week you will receive a Three asset approach to reconnecting with your Inner-Know-How.

  All modules use  experiential learning techniques

Asset One:    Weekly short but potent and powerful watch and learn videos.


Asset Two:  Bi-Weekly live interactive group sessions.

Asset Three: Recorded Science-based and proven Guided Journeys to help you embody your inner intelligence.

You will reinvent your relationship with your Inner-Know-How so that you can uncover the loop of intelligence that you were created to access. Science used to believe that we thought in one direction, from our mind down. Now we know we think from the mind down and our Inner-Know-How up so that our thinking creates a loop. When we can access both and connect them we have the ability to reach infinite possibilities in our lives.

Over the 8 weeks, the program unfolds in a way that has been proven to work to both learn and retain this life-changing information:

Module One:  Be in your body:  Learn the miracle of who you are and how to reconnect with heart coherence and sensation.

Module Two:  Use the power of human touch, your own  to re-establish safety, love, connection, and trust within yourself for yourself


Module Three: Build Your frame:  Explore somatic movement, visual imagery, Taoist Theory, metaphor, and imagination for developing a sense of personal measure and increased kinesthetic awareness.  Use this framework or map to build your muscles of confidence, Innerstrength, patience, exploration, curiosity, inner awareness, and peace within your body and mind.

Module Four: Build your frame part two:  Explore your body through somatic experience to find your balance physically, psychologically,  emotionally, and spiritually.


Module Five:   Empower your breath as a tool for information, healing, and nervous system rebalancing.  Create your own nurture nest for returning to your feelings of safety, nurture trust, self-love, and connection.

Module Six:  Empower Your breath part two:  Create focus, improve concentration and cultivate and strengthen your muscle for uninterrupted focus, no matter what is happening in your environment.

Module Seven:  Use your vision, sensation, and emotion together to shift from  Trauma to Triumphant.  Cognitive Visual Imagery, the skill of combining vision, sensation, and emotion is a skill pro athletes use to improve performance.  You can learn it here and apply it to your life.  The results are undeniable.  You WILL succeed in what you wish to create for yourself.  


Module Eight:  Explore the Power of Touch Part Two: An interactive exploration to create self-love, improved health, and deep relaxation.  Apply self Thai massage practices, Chinese medicine, and  Trigger Point therapy to improve lung function, balance, and energy. You will release trauma from every cell of your body, feel light, spacious, energized, aligned, clear, and open after using these simple but powerful tools whenever your desire arises.

We do not want cost to be a barrier; the activities, tools, audios, and videos we have assembled, have been discounted to take away the barrier of cost:


This is what you get:

Private Facebook group:  Tap into the potent healing power of a community that is evolving at the speed of light. Be seen, heard, and valued within a code of trust, in this sacred space, as you grow into your Highest Self. Here, I will share additional, in the moment tools you may need from my toolbox to assist you further. This is a great place to make friends, be in a community with like-minded people and give and receive support.

Value of $500


Recorded Guided Hypnojourneys:  Scientifically proven to help you embody your Inner-Know-How and connect it to your thinking mind.                    

Value of $500


8  weekly short yet potent learning Videos

Value of $2000    


16 x 60ish-minute Interactive Sessions with Leslie

Value of $3200

Don't worry if you miss one or all... you can always watch the replay with the same benefit. You can access these in our private Facebook group.

Guided Hypnojourneys to bring you back into your body.

Value of $200


Trauma-Informed Guided meditation to strengthen your courage, inner strength, trust, and faith in yourself!    Value of $200


Guided Hypnojourneys for discovering thought and behavior patterns you would like to change.

Value of $200


Trauma-Informed Ebook: Cultivating Innerstrength and Choice in everyday life.

Value of $150


Remove Trauma From The Body Exercise Video, A daily practice of only 15 minutes!

Value of $75

Bonus class on trauma release with Leslie!

Value of $200

Course Dates and Times
September 14th -November 5th 2021
Each Tuesday 12-1pm EDT
Each Thursday 7-8pm. EDT
  • Tuesday, September 14th  

  • Thursday, September 16th 

  • Tuesday, September 21st 

  • Thursday, September 23rd 

  • Tuesday, September 28th 

  • Thursday, September 30th  

  • Tuesday, October 5th 

  • Thursday, October 7th 

  • Tuesday, October 12th 

  • Thursday, October 14th 

  • Tuesday, October 19th 

  • Thursday, October 21st

  • Tuesday, October 26th 

  • Thursday, October 28th

  • Monday, November 2nd

  • Thursday, November 5th

Meet the team

Leslie Trager


  • Retired Certified Yoga/Meditation Thai massage practitioner 

  • Certified Trauma-Informed Mindfulness Educator 

  • Toltec Facilitator, Mayan Shamanic Methodology for Healing and Evolvement

  • .Gestalt Facilitator, A process for Healing our wounded inner child

  • Spiritual Psychology Facilitator

  • Complex Trauma Recovery Coach/Strategist 

  • Intuitive Living and Healing Coach

Noah Julian Sedgwick

Following a brief career as a concert violinist, cut short by a struggle with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Noah Julian began a lifelong holistic approach to his personal health and wellness.


His education and research over the past two decades has led down many areas of specialization including those related to optimal human movement.


Noah’s teaching largely involves Calisthenics (body-weight strength training) coupled with the work and teaching of Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga®.


Noah served as co-founder of Philadelphia’s Yoga and Movement Sanctuary (YMS), as well as co-leader of YMS’s 250-hour teacher training.


Noah teaches a regular class schedule (for multiple levels) throughout the Philadelphia area and can periodically be found teaching workshops and trainings throughout the United States.

  • Yoga

  • Postural Alignment/Bodywork

  •   Personal Coaching

  • Music Instruction

​It is rare to meet someone who is as knowledgeable about the interior journey of trauma recovery and evolvement as  Leslie.  It is not just her vast library of trauma recovery knowledge, but the maturity of her heart which comes from seeing the darkness herself, being broken by it, and slowly rebuilding the pieces. 


 After a childhood of emotional, physical, and psychological abuse and being gang-raped, bullied, stalked,  and assaulted,  Leslie became an alcoholic mother who lost her marriage, career, home, car, and worst of all custody of her children.  On her path to sobriety and healing her family. Leslie became a Toltec Facilitator, ( Mayan Shamanic Methodology for Spiritual recovery) and Certified Yoga/Meditation and Thai Massage Practitioner.  After putting her life back together she was diagnosed with a rare spinal disease, resulting in a diagnosed permanent brain/ spine injury.  When traditional medicine could not provide a recovery protocol for Leslie, she had no choice but to discover her own healing path where she was coached personally by Dr. Gary Weber, Internationally renowned author, educator, and pioneer in neuroscience, self-inquiry, and intuitive living and healing.   She became a Spiritual Psychology Facilitator, Gestalt psychotherapy Facilitator, Certified Trauma-Informed Mindfulness Educator, and PTSD /CPTSD trauma recovery coach.   

From this work coupled with her earlier knowledge, wisdom, and experience Leslie pioneered a recovery map system and interactive learning and healing program based upon the proper order of needed steps and strategies so that complete healing and evolvement truly happens. 


She knows every mountain and valley of this path and how to overcome the hurdles along the way. 

 As a result of her own method, Leslie became more productive in her years as a disabled person than she had been as a fully-abled person turning dis-ability into super-ability.  


Now she teaches others how to create unimaginable change and gain access to the world of unlimited possibility as she was able to create for herself.  


Her method builds a framework using a bio-psycho-social-spiritual business model that ensures you get everything within yourself resolved so you can reach your greatest potential while bypassing the suffering that often accompanies this type of healing transformation. 


In her rare and special way, she transforms her clients into being better than they were before trauma hit them so they can return back to living on the center stage of their lives,  proud, grateful, compassionate, understanding, accepting, and loved while being honored for their accomplishments by these they hold dear.    

From these skills and experiences, she is uniquely qualified to teach and lead you on this exquisite journey back to the beauty of your true self.   “Take my hand and let’s walk this courageous path together”

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Dr. Tami Berry

Leslie  is deeply knowledgeable and passionate about healing and recovering from trauma.  Her personal experience has become a testament to how effective her techniques are at transcending trauma.  I have come to know her as a gifted teacher and qualified coach.  Without hesitation, I recommend working with Leslie if you are ready to live a life full of love, health, happiness, prosperity and joy which  is available to you when you transcend your trauma.

Total Value of $7,225

Special Offer

$ 2,500 

Less $600 Pay in Full Bonus

Pay in Full Price of $1,900 only

Payment Plan Pricing

$1,000 at registration 

$500 due week 2

$500 due week 4

 $500 due week 6 

by automatic withdrawal

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