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About us

We are so grateful you have found us! Thank you for being someone who is interested in truly resolving the trauma of your past so that you can create a more successful and pleasing future for yourself and your children. Life is sacred and filled with beauty and wonder but often you cannot see the clearing through the trees. If you are reading this, then you are ready to take action and reclaim your highest self and best life. At we provide the programs and classes needed in a map format so that you can truly reach your best life circumstances and fullest ability to give and receive love, connection, compassion, forgiveness, and inner strength. We believe to truly succeed and thrive in life we must come off the hamster wheel of survival.  

If not now. . . when?


We offer you support guidance and the transformational tools that inspire you to make the necessary changes in your life that you choose to make to:


  • Communicate transparently and honestly

  • Create focus intention, attention, and vision

  • Turn conflict into cooperation

  • Set appropriate boundaries

  • Create sustainable change

  • Remove trauma from the cells of your body

  • Embody trust, safety, faith, and connection with yourself and others

  • Cultivate Inner-strength, Inner-awareness, and Self-empowerment

  •  Improve the quality of your relationships

  • Find expanded  joy and purpose

  • Create compassionate self-love, self-forgiveness, and self-presence

  •  Create deep Attentive Listening 

  •  Create Authentic  inspiration  and strength building

  • Obtain Somatic Healing

  • Create Experiential Connection to where you are, who you are, and what you wish to become

  • Heal In mind, body, and spirit

  • Uplevel Neural-physiological  Repatterning

  • Reach your greatest potential and teach your children to do the same


We know we are put on this earth to feel infinite love, joy, purpose, safety, and connection. We invite you to give us your time so that we can lead you to the most gratifying version of yourself.

About Leslie

Leslie is the founder and director of Evolve Beyond Trauma. She is a spiritual and meditation teacher, life and trauma recovery coach, strategist, behaviorist, and trauma-informed mindfulness educator.


She is uniquely knowledgeable about the interior journey of trauma recovery and evolvement.  It is not just her vast library of trauma recovery knowledge, but the maturity of her heart which comes from seeing the darkness herself, being broken by it, and slowly rebuilding the pieces. After a childhood of emotional, physical, and psychological abuse and after being gang-raped, bullied, stalked,  and assaulted,  Leslie became an alcoholic mother who lost her marriage, career, home, car, and worst of all custody of her children.  On her path to sobriety and healing her family Leslie became a Toltec Facilitator, (Mayan Shamanic Methodology for Spiritual recovery) and Certified Yoga/Meditation/Thai Massage Practitioner.  After putting her life back together she was diagnosed with a rare spinal disease, resulting in a diagnosed permanent brain/ spine injury.  When traditional medicine could not provide a recovery protocol for Leslie, she had no choice but to discover her own healing path where she was coached personally by Dr. Gary Weber, Internationally renowned author, educator, and pioneer in neuroscience, self-inquiry, and intuitive living and healing.  She became a Spiritual Psychology Facilitator, Gestalt psychotherapy Facilitator, Certified Trauma-Informed Mindfulness Educator, and PTSD /CPTSD trauma recovery and life coach.   


From this work coupled with her earlier knowledge, wisdom, and experience Leslie pioneered a recovery map system and interactive learning and healing program based upon the proper order of the steps needed to be taken and the skills and strategies needed to be embodied so that complete healing and evolvement truly happens. She knows every mountain and valley of this path and how to overcome the hurdles along the way. 


Her method builds a framework using a bio-psycho-social-spiritual business model that ensures you get everything within yourself solved so you can reach your greatest potential while bypassing the suffering that often accompanies this type of healing transformation. From these skills and experiences, she is uniquely qualified to teach and lead you on this exquisite journey back to the beauty of your true self.   


Now she teaches others how to create unimaginable change and gain access to the world of unlimited possibility as she was able to create for herself.  


In her rare and special way, she transforms her clients into being better than they were before trauma hit them so they can return back to living on the center stage of their lives,  proud, grateful, compassionate, understanding, accepting, and loved while being honored for their accomplishments by these they hold dear.    


As a result of her own method, Leslie became more productive in her years as a disabled person than she had been as a fully-abled person turning dis-ability into super-ability. 

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