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Program Offerings


The first step that is often missed in trauma recovery is updating our hardware. Like computers, our hardware is our body and our selfware is our thoughts. We must learn to imprint our bodies with the right neurophysiologic patterns that coincide with the future you are creating for yourself. In order to do that we need to call upon our inner know-how.


This is the intelligence that you are born with before you had your first thought. 95% of our rain is used for this inner know-how, 5% of our brain is used for thoughts. When we reconnect to our inner know-how and integrate that with thought then we could create unlimited healing and evolvement for ourselves and our family.


 Together we will explore skills, techniques, and wisdom you will want to learn, embody and master so you can achieve the life you know deep down you truly deserve.   You will also learn cutting-edge science that explains why it’s not your fault!  We are not to blame for the traumas we encounter in life but it is our responsibility to resolve them so we can evolve beyond trauma and reach our peak performance in any or all areas of our lives. I will lead you to resources that will assist your journey to personal freedom. 

Talking together we will discuss trauma informed mindfulness and  issues relating to trauma either yours or a loved ones.  We will talk about trauma-informed healing and create a tool chest of strategies designed to help you reach further than you have been able to reach on your own.  This is called mental gymnastics!  Let’s strengthen our muscles of thought and behavior together while meeting like-minded people and making new friends.  


We thrive when we live in a community and do better when we hear new concepts and explore them, so let’s explore together. 


In the first half-hour, I will teach a new concept in healing and evolving and in the second half-hour, you get to ask questions.  


This will be fun and informative and you can try on the concepts that are a good fit for you.


Each week you can talk about your wins and losses and I will help you see what you have succeeded in and what could use a different approach for you to try next time. 


We are stronger when we learn, heal and grow together so let’s do this!

You will have your own private facebook group where I will offer additional tools that are needed from our class discussions.  here you can mingle, support and lend support to each other while  celebrate your weekly wins. 


I hope to see you in my private zoom room.  Bring a snack and your favorite beverage and let’s talk about making the switch from Surviving to Thriving.


I hope to see you there! 


In love and service,




Release Trauma, Rewire Your Being & Reclaim Your Radiance  

This is an invitation to achieve mastery over your trauma and over your life with someone who knows the path. Why not open yourself up to this loving guidance, heal yourself and create your best life while skipping the unnecessary struggle. I am not only a master coach, strategist/behaviorist; I will walk with you hand in hand, through your healing and evolving journey. 

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Dr. Tami Berry

Leslie  is deeply knowledgeable and passionate about healing and recovering from trauma.  Her personal experience has become a testament to how effective her techniques are at transcending trauma.  I have come to know her as a gifted teacher and qualified coach.  Without hesitation, I recommend working with Leslie if you are ready to live a life full of love, health, happiness, prosperity and joy which  is available to you when you transcend your trauma.

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