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Leslie Trager 

My Story 

Sadly, trauma is a part of life.

But it does not have to steal your life away.


Committed to doing whatever it took to relieve my suffering, I sought to train myself in many disciplines and healing methods, both alternative and mainstream. All of this brought me here: at the entrance of my own heart.


My reinvention. 


What began to emerge surprised even me. I learned the truth of who I was. I came to a point of clarity and self honoring beliefs. The gifts of peace, self-love, compassionate self-forgiveness, compassionate forgiveness of others,  trust, acceptance, responsibility, creativity, confidence, perseverance, hope and faith, like friends long absent, moved into my soul. As my spirit was healing, the help I needed to physically recover found me. I listened, learned, practiced, worked hard, failed many times, yet I persevered and I recovered.  


I have healed.  Now, I share this with my clients.  When problems or challenges arise , I face them with new skills in thought and behavior where I become the victor instead of the victim.   I no longer become a victim over and over from my many traumatic life experiences. With a new understanding of myself and having let go of many false truths, my best functioning self in mind and body came into being. With grace and self-acceptance, I found compassionate self-love and forgiveness and compassionate forgiveness for others.  I found my inner compass, purpose, passion,  accountability, responsibility, my right to be  heard ,seen, valued and happy and the strength to become who I was meant to be.  


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  •  BA Speech Communication, Minor in Psychology

  •  Certified Retired Yoga Practitioner

  •  Certified Thai Massage Practitioner

  •  Certified Trauma Informed Mindfulness Educator

  •  Toltec Facilitator

  •  Spiritual Psychology Facilitator

  •  Gestalt Facilitator

  •  Concentration in Intuitive Healing and Living

  •  Concentration in Brain Science

  •  Complex Trauma Recovery Expert/Behaviorist/Strategist

  •  Concentration in Quantum Physics

  •  Completion of Trauma Informed Spiritual Recovery Program using Mayan Methodologies of Healing and Transformatiobn 

  •  Concentration in Cognitive Visual Imagery

  •  15  years experience in 12 -step recovery protocols

  •  Concentration in Trauma Informed Movement and Stress Release Modalities

It is from this space of clarity, wisdom and experience that I am able to guide and support others in healing their trauma ,minds, bodies and hearts. So many people sense something is wrong, but the unraveling of their personal story and creating tools to build a new one, allows the true beauty of self, inner strength and acceptance to shine and breathe into the world. 


It is by un-becoming who we thought we were that we become who we truly are meant to be.   


I know from my own experience that this better self, better life, is accessible to everyone. We all have a right to feel unlimited joy, love, acceptance, connectedness, and security in this world.  We all have a right to be seen, heard and claim our space in the world. This is our birthright.”  

In a series of life shattering events, the person I thought I collided with the person I was to become. Life was over as I had known it. My reality became a hellish landscape -- I was terrorized, sad, confused, depressed and alone, and worst of all, completely physically disabled. I was unable to trust myself and could not control what my mind and body could do. What laid before me was entirely unknown. My life had unraveled.  


This breakdown led me to a breakthrough that became the foundation of a new reality and a new and more joyful life. I knew life had to be greater than my pain. With no protocol for recovery I had no choice but to turn within to gather my inner strength. This was the beginning of a profound, life-changing journey, which as hard as it was, had to be done, if only to prevent my passing on my trans and inter-generational trauma to my children.


The root cause of my suffering was the ever-present byproduct of my early childhood trauma which created  false beliefs, limited critical thinking skills , manipulative and sabotaging behaviors and jaded core values.  My world, which on the surface seemed so perfect, was one of poor boundaries, sabotaging behavior, feelings of disconnectedness, resentment, invisibility , unworthiness and an inability to feel safe sharing my true feelings and opinions. It colored all my relationships, the most important ones being with my children. I was their mother, but who was I? All these falsehoods had collected and were feeding each other. This was a complete loss of my true self.   

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Dr. Tami Berry

Leslie  is deeply knowledgeable and passionate about healing and recovering from trauma.  Her personal experience has become a testament to how effective her techniques are at transcending trauma.  I have come to know her as a gifted teacher and qualified coach.  Without hesitation, I recommend working with Leslie if you are ready to live a life full of love, health, happiness, prosperity and joy which  is available to you when you transcend your trauma.

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