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Steve Seidel


Leslie is the light. Her commitment to help victims of trauma turn their lives around is nothing short of a miracle. As a caretaker of a sick parent, Leslie’s support was essential to the livelihood of my ailing mother. Whether it was a daily dose of morale, insights on awareness and suffering, or simply being there spiritually, emotionally and physically, Leslie was able to guide my mother towards a powerful transformation.  Our family will cherish those gifts that Leslie gave our family for the rest of our lives. We only hope she can continue to help others heal in harmony going forward.

Dr. Tami Berry

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Leslie  is deeply knowledgeable and passionate about healing and recovering from trauma.  Her personal experience has become a testament to how effective her techniques are at transcending trauma.  I have come to know her as a gifted teacher and qualified coach.  Without hesitation, I recommend working with Leslie if you are ready to live a life full of love, health, happiness, prosperity and joy which  is available to you when you transcend your trauma.


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I had been trying to get to the point of positive outcome focus since the night before our last appointment.  I think clearing my emotions with you helped me do that. I could not  get past the sadness and anger before that-It was definitely blocking me from getting there.  It's amazing how good I feel today.  As the day goes on and on I feel better and better AND I have so much energy.  My thoughts,  feelings and ability to act  are like night and day compared to yesterday. Thank you for modeling for me how to move beyond what I thought was a dead end.


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You have helped me more than any other therapy  I have ever had.  Your first hand knowledge on how to deal with that feeling I am now embracing instead of repelling it is priceless.   Your ability to inspire and empower because of how much you have empowered yourself;  it’s contagious.  These are  words that  are only touching on how grateful I am right now, for you.  


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Leslie has been a lifeline these past few years to me as I  have been losing  my eyesight.  She holds space for me which helps me feel safe  and I know with her,  my feelings, thoughts and fears are not invisible.  She can see me, understand me, guide me and strengthen me because she gets where I am , has been here herself, and provides each next step in thought and action that  I need to move beyond the  grief, pain and fear of going blind.  I count on my meeting with her every single week to fill  me with  the strength, courage and mindset  to face my next daily challenge.  Her strength, transparency,  and kindness in showing me how to navigate through my hardships feel like the hand that is leading me out of my darkness.  I am eternally grateful for her wisdom and counsel. 



Leslie is the real deal. After only one session with her I identified where I was stuck, learned and practiced a new technique and Leslie, in her special way,  gave me the courage to use it, told me what to expect after I used it and taught me how to hold my ground and overcome my fear. She helped me to see what not do and why which got me through a crisis I was having.  I am so grateful to Leslie and personally  recommend her wisdom and guidance.  Thank you Leslie!

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