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How do we create our reality from our vision of what we know we deserve our lives to be like?

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Creating vision -

Imagination is the most underserved part of our brain as adults. Yet imagination is what we lean on when we are trying to change.

We use Imagination to create a vision .

Vision is an internal image or a picture of the desired future that we wish to create. We can see it and feel it while living in the present moment.

I call this thinking in the future and acting in the now.

This vision is a way to motivate ourselves towards change.

Without a vision we stay living in the familiar.

A vision inspires and pulls us beyond everything you know. It takes us out of family patterns that tie a noose around our neck to the muchness or not enoughness that causes our pain and suffering.

Yet it can be frightening, this vision, because it is something we have never seen or known.

Ego will do everything possible to keep us from our vision. It wants all to stay in the familiar, even when the familiar is hard, painful and causes suffering.

Our vision inspires us to move forward without hanging onto regrets about our life where we feel we have done or are doing something wrong.

Living with disappointment, disconnect or discouragement keeps your vision in the past instead of forward toward something bigger.

Vision must always be bigger than our current life circumstances.

Visions and goals are very different .

Vision is internal = How do I want to be?

Vision is about being, about wanting to be something.

A Goal is external. It is a strategy about doing something.

A goal is manageable, it's but a stretch beyond where we are now. A vision takes us light years forward from where we are now.

A vision takes trust, belief and faith.

A Vision must have desire. We must have a desire in order to have a vision. What do you ultimately want?

Nothing is a bigger vision killer than doubt; Either your doubt or someone else who expresses their doubt about you. When it comes to our internal vision, we must be clear. Once we can feel it and see it, we will have the determination to achieve it.

We have got to be able to see and feel our vision. Vision requires an emotional commitment.

What are the internal and external benefits of your vision? As your internal vision gets clearer, you come closer to your destiny. Your destiny is the internal picture you are seeing and feeling for your future right now.

When you have an image of your vision and add words to it, you get to control your mind.

When you can control your mind, you can control the experiences in your life.

Clarity, focus, clearness of perception and understanding.

You must have clarity and focus when it comes to your vision.

You must get this…..Your vision already exists. You don't have to find it, you just have to tap into it.

Vision will give you back your power because it is birthed within you, created through you and is what really matters to you.

You cannot have vision until you ask for what you really want….. From yourself for yourself.

You must be clear, If it's not what you really want, you won’t reach your vision.

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