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Handling your emotions can be hard

Handling our emotions can be hard, yet it is important to be able to manage them instead of them managing us. A growing body of scientific research is indicating that the role of disease and diminished well-being is caused by our emotions.

Emotions are the energy that directs us every single minute of every day.

E=MOTIONS….. Energy equals emotions.

Here is a simple three-step process to start practicing so you can learn how to successfully navigate your emotions to achieve overall mastery of yourself. I invite you to give them a try and, if you have questions, I am here to help.


Step One

Identify and gain awareness of your emotions; think about it, say it, write it down. Some examples are sad, happy, angry, frustrated, helpless, overjoyed, scared.

What do you notice in your body? Where are these emotions in your physical body? If you look inward, you will find where you are restricted or open or feeling pain or relief.


Step Two

Understand and make sense of your emotions. Emotions like fear are not facts, they often arise from worrying about something happening in the future.

I call FEAR - Fantasy Experience Appearing Real.

So you can ask yourself “Is this happening now or is it a memory of something else you are reminded of bringing up your emotions?“.


Step Three

Act upon your emotions in a way that reflects your values.

For example, how are you treating yourself or someone else as a result of the emotion you are feeling? Does your behavior reflect the values you hold?


I hope you play with these steps and see how they make you feel. Write that down too. When we write things down, we are able to see more clearly and track our progress.

Talking about emotions, what coping skills do you utilize to make yourself feel better?

Some like exercise, meditation, being outside, and sharing time with loved ones who make us feel good are great strategies to improve how we feel.

Others like binge eating, ( one of my old ones that still can creep up!), raging behavior towards others to get our own anger out, isolating, drinking or drugging, shopping or getting lost in the excitement, although satisfying at the moment often take us away from our long term goals in our health, well being and connection to others.

When you ask yourself what coping strategies you use, ask this question with simple curiosity and NO JUDGEMENT! When we judge, we are punishing either ourselves or someone else.


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