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Conquer Your Trauma & Master Your Life

A  12-Week Mastery Program

Change your life by evolving past your trauma

The first step is always the hardest but the rewards unfold around you

This Is a life-changing, online Scientific Evidence-Based program for those who are challenged by unresolved trauma which creates complex and often conflicting circumstances in life. The goal of this program is for you to learn and master powerful tools and techniques so you can self reinforce positive habits of thought and behavior while separating out unwanted thoughts and behavior so you don't provoke events that limit your success in some or all areas of your life.    

Together, we identify what needs to be changed and learn strategies that ensure that change happens. Making one small promise to yourself at a time and moving at a pace graced with patience for what needs to be done is the path to get you from where you are now to what you ultimately envision for yourself. Your journey to personal freedom and unlimited possibilities is in your hands.  

The overarching "plan" we will co-create is called your Best Life Blueprint. While you are making your necessary shifts, you are also learning new tools and strategies to improve your chance of success.  You have the power and unlimited potential to make positive sustainable change happen. 

In this group work you will learn how to:

  • Employ business strategies to life to create rapid fine-tuned forward momentum in reaching the life you want to be living in a matter of months starting now.

  • Express your true feelings including the skills and language needed to be seen, heard, valued, and safe.  You will find your true voice and become comfortable using it.

  • Access your Power of Vulnerability, Authenticity, and  Compassionate  Forgiveness of self and others

  • Release judgment and negative self-talk

  •  Shift to a positive mindset

  •  Heal past wounds

  •  Create the life you desire

  • Sustain Self Motivation

  • Unlearn who you think you are  to reveal who you have truly become​​​​

  • Do the work on your core wounding that is driving self-sabotaging behaviors and dysfunctional relationship patterns so you can evolve beyond trauma and live the life you truly desire and deserve.

  • Turn down the volume of the voice that defeats you and turn up the volume of your inner cheerleader.

  • Strengthen your resilience and find your courage to turn challenges into opportunities for creating a happier life.

  • Reach your peak performance in all areas of life without sacrificing your health or your soul.


  • Effortlessly attract love, health, wealth, and more time by being 100% your complete authentic self.

Reasons to work with me on a group level:

  •  I believe the greatest growth happens when we work together on a group level.  


  •  I know being with others who have suffered in the same ways we have gives us a support group of people we can identify with and who can identify with us.    This takes us out of the feeling of being isolated and alone.  We are stronger and more supported when we work together.

  •  I have real-world, 20 + years of proven experience in applying the strategies I teach.


  •  I will give you the perfect mix of proven personal growth strategies and principles that will help you rewrite your life.


  •  I will see your brilliance and provide you with the support, love, and guidance you need to activate the breakthroughs you need to make to win at your own game of life. 


  •  I am a master teacher with the ability to powerfully pass on my work to my clients, so you can learn and apply it on a deep level.

  • I can meet you where you are, wherever that is, and connect with what you feel because I have been there myself.  


If we are having punitive thoughts on the inside like anger, fear,  resentment, guilt, or shame, then we are projecting them out onto others unknowingly.   


Few trauma healers have lived through, defied the odds, and mastered life in spite of huge and consecutive trauma. This experience of trekking through the mountains and valleys of multiple traumas has created who I am -- I get it. Let us walk together. 

​​"We are responsible for our behavior and how it affects others". - Drs. Ronald and Mary Hulnick 

This is your moment to take action

  The Twelve Week Framework  Includes:

Each week you will receive a Five asset approach to resolving trauma and evolving beyond it.  


Asset One:    Weekly short but potent and powerful watch and learn videos.


Asset Two:    Weekly “Discover Your Potential” playsheets.


Asset Three:  Bi-Weekly live interactive group sessions.


Asset Four: Recorded Science-based and proven Guided Journeys to help embody the skills needed to up-level your life.

Asset Five:  A private session with our leading hypnotherapist and future recorded hypnosis sessions and Hypno-journey to help you achieve your goals with greater confidence, vision, efficacy, and speed. 

We will co-create your Best life Blueprint, choose the skills you wish to master, create the steps you want to take to get there, and activate the process. You can shift a little or a lot, it's up to you.

Over the 12 weeks, the program unfolds in a way that has been proven to work to both learn and retain this life-changing information:


Module One: Prepare for the Journey: What is your what and your why? You will learn the ground rules of winning at the game of life and create your Best Life Blueprint. 


Module Two:  Learn how to calm your PTSD symptoms in seconds flat so you can return to balance and once again live on the center stage of your life.  


Module Three:  Turn conflict into cooperation with proven thoughts, questions, and responses designed to create conflict resolution instead of conflict escalation. 


Module  Four:  Understand the science of Epigenetics which explains why you are the way you are.

Module Five: Take Back Your Power with Brain Science: You will learn you are greater and stronger than your thoughts and feelings. It's time to turn down the volume of the voice that haunts you and turn up the volume of your inner cheerleader. The release from this epiphany boosts your energy and opens up space for you to create the shifts in your life you desire to make.  


Module Six: Apply Physics to you.  You will learn how to access your body's highest level of intelligence which ALLOWS you to heal, thrive, and prosper. You already embody the answers, it’s time to learn the language that is speaking to you.  


Module Seven: Create self-love and compassionate self-forgiveness; strengthen this sacred relationship with your highest self. Your highest self is your safest place. Safety is only one step away.  FINALLY, you can rest. You will feel your confidence rising. 

Module Eight:  Heal Your Inner child and outer world.  Learn how to be with, resolve and move beyond anything that disturbs your peace with Gestalt Process Self Diagnostics and Resolution. You will learn how to diagnose the root of what is disturbing your peace and identify realistic solutions and plans of action to resolve inner and outer disturbances in your life.    

Module Nine:  Reparent the child within you- you will get more comfortable relying on this valuable skill to  heal your hidden deposits of trauma, strengthen your inner compass, set intentions, and Ensure Your Success


Module Ten:  Apply business practices to personal life so you can evolve at the speed of light.  I call this Fast Forward Fine Tuned Function. You will be thinking in the future and acting in the now. Which thoughts will you respond to and which thoughts will you ignore? It's time to stop, challenge and choose your next thought, feeling, word and action. -Response-ability- the ability to respond with attention, intention, and awareness.  

It's time to master Your ability to create the future you desire.  You will feel empowered and in control as your life changes for the better.  


Module Eleven:  Broaden your belief system. If you are surmising, resenting, comparing, making assumptions, jumping to conclusions,  limiting your perspectives,   judging, resenting,  or cherry-picking facts to fit the story in your head you are missing out on the complete picture. Learn fundamental, Critical, Integral, and intrinsic thinking skills to move past the story in your head so you can recognize and act upon the available opportunities around you that will aid you in achieving your best life.


Module Twelve: Create your safety footprint and non-negotiable list.   Choose the habits you will use while practicing discarding the ones that no longer serve you.  Choose what you will and won't accept from other people.  With safety in place, you will succeed at maintaining your fine-tuned forward momentum.  


Pick your future support team

You get to choose who will be in your inner circle. Who is filling your sails with support and who is stealing the wind from you?   It's time to unstack your deck and restack it in your favor to optimally serve you.   

If you are ready for action if your inner voice is saying yes...

We do not want cost to be a barrier; the activities, worksheets, tools, and videos we have assembled, have been discounted to take away the barrier of cost:


This is what you get:

Private Facebook group:  Tap into the potent healing power of a community that is evolving at the speed of light, together. Be seen, heard, and valued within a code of trust, in this sacred space, as you grow into your Highest Self. Here, I will share additional, in the moment tools you may need from my toolbox to assist you further.

Value of $500


Recorded Guided meditations:  Scientifically proven to help you embody the trauma-informed methods you will learn here with us.                          

Value of $500


A private session with our Certified Hypnotherapist:  Followed by recorded sessions custom-designed for you based upon supporting your areas of challenge to help you achieve your goals with greater confidence, vision, efficacy and speed.  

Value of $500


12  weekly short yet powerful and potent learning Videos

Value of $2000


12 weekly Apply It To Your Life playsheets

Value of $600      


24 x 75-minute Interactive Group Coach/Strategy/Behavior Sessions with Leslie

Value of $5400


3 x 60  minute live zoom one-to-one coaching sessions with Leslie or one of my amazing personally trained coaches. Here we will break down and address any issues that arise in your daily life.

Value of $1500

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Dr. Tami Berry

Leslie  is deeply knowledgeable and passionate about healing and recovering from trauma.  Her personal experience has become a testament to how effective her techniques are at transcending trauma.  I have come to know her as a gifted teacher and qualified coach.  Without hesitation, I recommend working with Leslie if you are ready to live a life full of love, health, happiness, prosperity and joy which  is available to you when you transcend your trauma.

Total Value of $11,000

Special Offer for $ 6,000

Less $1,000 if you Pay in Full 

Pay in Full Price of $5,000 only!

Payment plan pricing $2,000 

Due at purchase, week 2, and week 5 via automatic withdrawal

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